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What does “International Value Services” mean?


We are global and our stakeholders come from all over the world


We work 24/7 for the digitalization of our client's processes


We make available our resources to deliver innovative solutions

Online Digital Banking

DigiCal is our Omnichannel solution (WEB, Mobile, Branches) for Retail and Business/SMEs. It links the cutting-edge DIGItal services with well-known physiCAL banking, offering a complete suite of functionalities: account management, payments, cards, savings, loans, investments, insurance, digital wallets and more. Fully digitalized, paperless selling and onboarding processes complete the omnichannel customer experience. Additionally, back-office, reporting and global analytics are available to Headquarter.

Interaction and insight

CR-ISP is our WEB-based CRM application to fully support daily Bank’s activities (Branches and Headquarters) both in Retail and Business market. It provides fast overview of the clients: financial position, behavioural data, actions, choices and more. It orchestrates the entire inbound and outbound interaction to the client, across all integrated channels (WEB, Mobile, Branches). Additionally, CR-ISP supports campaigns budgeting and budget monitoring.

Anti-money laundering

NIC is our dedicated Team to fully support customers in managing Detica (BAE Systems Applied Intelligence) anti-money laundering solution. We provide complete lifecycle management for Detica modules: WLM (watch list management), Transaction Monitoring, Transaction Filtering, KYC (know your customer).

Performance appraisal

PAT is our WEB-based application to fully manage the appraisal process. It provides a valid support to HR department in monitoring workforce’s performance, evaluating process, developing workforce management strategy and more.

Wealth Management

Wealth Shaper (WESH) is the application adopted by International Subsidiaries banks to support the growth of Wealth Management enabling the Customer to increase and to make more efficient the selling process of financial products, currently focused largely on time deposits; furthermore, the application complies with MiFID II, allowing the Customer to provide its clients investment service and asking for inducements.


ServiceNow is a cloud-based company that provides software as a service (SaaS) for technical management support. 
The company specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and
IT business management (ITBM), allowing users to manage projects, teams and customer interactions via a variety of apps and plugins.

Global SOC

GSOC (Global SOC)  is our dedicated competence center created to fully support customers in managing Cybersecurity with strong focus on detection for the whole group.
As part of ISP GSOC, we provide in particular dedicated services such as: Penetration Test, Vulnerabilty asssesment, Anti Malware and phishing to the whole ISP Group, supporting in particular the Cybersecurity Managers of International Subsidiaries in their daily operations.


Our driver is

Transparency: the basis of our professionality. In our actions, advertising and contracts we adopt always clear and correct behavior, so our stakeholders are free to make independent and informed decisions. We truly believe in the collaboration and sense of responsibility.